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Sky Sharks

Set for a worldwide release in 2017 is the movie Sky Sharks. One of the most creative and strange productions I have worked on. The idea was conceived by Yazid Benfeghoul, Mark Fehse, Carsten Fehse, Marian Woller and myself. Since I do like the construction and technical side of jet fighters it was the perfect chance for me to mix sharks with jet fighter planes and let them fly.

Das Frühstyxradio - Der Rückblick

On April 02nd 2016 was the premiere of my first feature film in the theater: Das Frühstyxradio - Der Rückblick. For the past 9 years I have been recording and editing liveproductions of the comedy group Das Frühstyxradio. Finally I editetd a best of of those recordings and brought it to the cinema. It was a huge success with people cheering, applauding and singing in the cinema. One production that is not seen very often.

Die Arschkrampen: War mir schlecht

For the past 25 years one of the most popular shows of Das Frühstyxradio was Die Arschkrampen. The 2010 live production was taped and edited by myself and released in a very limited release. Parts of the show were also included in the movie Der Rückblick.
Frieda und Anneliese: Das letzte Hemd

Frieda und Anneliese: Das letzte Hemd was the last installment of a 3 part comedy of the group Das Frühstyxradio. The performance was taped and edited by myself and released on DVD in 2012. Parts of it were shown in the cinema in 2016.
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