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The Shallows

The Shallows comes to the theaters soon.

Jonalu Season 2

For the second season of the animated kids show JoNaLu, I was the animation driector and supervisor for the oversea animation.
The second season of the show included 13 episodes with 22 minutes legnth.
Mara and the Firebringer

On  Mara and the Firebringer I was Animation Director. It was a big  challange to animate the huge Lindworm and the Firebringer, a creature  that is just made out of burning air, so believable that they are well  integrated into the movie. The final result looks great and the movie is  fun to watch.

Petterson and Findus

After  Game of Thrones I worked on the LiveAction/Animation Feature Petterson  and Findus featuring Petterson and his animated pet cat Findus.

Game of Thrones

One  of the most exciting jobs I had was working on Game of Thrones and  animating the dragons. I worked on season three and the animations of  one of the episodes I worked on was awarded with an Emmy award for  outstanding animation.

Rusty Knight

Back  to the movies. I was a lead animator on Rusty Knight who tries to win  back his castle and his friends. Besides leading a team of animators, I  was also training the new animators for the movie.
Spec Ops: The Line

In  2009 I left the movie industry for a while and worked for that  AAA-Videogame release from 2K. From 2009 until 2011 I was a senior  animation artist and mo-cap clean up artist at YAGER in Berlin. The  result of years of work was that unique tripple A game, that lots of  people enjoyed to play.

Disco Ormene

One  of the most unique productions I ever worked on was Sunshine Barry and  the Disco Worms. It is a danish production and is about a group of earth  worms who want to be disco-music-stars. Enjoy the movie with a great  original soundtrack.

Way to the Stars

The Way to the Stars - was a German, Irish, Finnish and Danish production in 2007. I worked in Hamburg and animted a lot of scenes with reindeers and flying squirrels. A fun christmas movie for kids.

Lissi and the wild Emporer

In 2006 I was part of one great animation team to work on Lissi and the wild Emporer or Lissi und der wilde Kaiser, how it is called in the original language.

Impy´s Island

Impy´s Island (originale title: Urmel aus dem Eis)
This was my first project as lead animator. I was responsible for the animation of King Pumponell.

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